"You really understand human and business psychology... It is amazing how many folks do not "walk the talk"-----it is very easy to fall into the trap of focusing on current issues (challenges, problems, etc)  instead of taking a long term view of building people and the business... Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me... You were a good source of knowledge and inspiration.” 
~ Jeff Rein, former CEO, Walgreens Co.

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We help you focus your
strategy to ensure your workforce effectively delivers on the company's business goals. Whether the answer is a single topic-specific tactics workshop or a comprehensive strategic initiative, we will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your long-term success.

We help you improve project execution, keeping within tight schedules and budget and successfully delivering high-value products and services.

We help you achieve the transformation that you seek through proven and powerful organization change management strategies and techniques for successful execution.

We help you improve agility and innovation by putting proven practices to work for you. We enhance team productivity and project reliability so your organization can deliver higher quality solutions faster and within budget. 

We help you maximize your business performance and profitability by assisting executives and senior managers make high-quality strategic, operational and financial risk decisions by following proven risk management principles, processes and behaviors.


We develop leaders at all levels to enable clients to better execute with excellence and deliver substantial and sustainable business results.

We enable and accelerate your systematic progress towards high performance teams. Our proven approach transforms personnel into an innovative and highly competitive workforce, more productive for the long term.

Group Atlantic offers thought leadership enabling you to tackle the management challenges of tomorrow.

Named 1 of 5 Top Intriguing 
Cutter IT Journal Articles for 2012: "Seven Keys to Successful Virtual Communication"

Named 1 of 5 Top Intriguing Agile Product & Project Management Articles of 2010: "Leadership: Part I -- Cracking the Code for Today's Project Managers"

Top download Software Process and Measurement Cast of 2010: 
Scott Stribrny, Risk Management

Let us help you grow and transform your organization and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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